Book Crash

Chicago Dance Crash is a nationally touring performance ensemble as well as a locally based talent provider. Whether it be theatres, arenas, clubs, churches, runways, or film shoots Crash has an eclectic range of styles and price points to fulfill your vision. Please take a moment to review all the info and media below and contact us with what you have in mind!

“Think Matthew Bourne, but with a more primitive, ritualistic, streetwise attack.”-Dance Magazine

“Dance Crash is a solidly established ensemble that draws on a slew of styles, from breakdance to ballet, impressively unifying them into a single aesthetic. There is a warrior, action film aspect to their work, but also plenty of emotional depth underpinned by strong technique.” -Chicago Sun-Times

“I never got bored.” -Ada Gray (seven years old)

“You guys are amazing!” -Pamela Zager, Red Bull Brand Manager

Arts Events

University concerts, festivals, community events, and many other culturally-based occasions across the country have enjoyed Crash’s unique concert dance works and full-length productions. We have a slew of “artistic hip hop” pieces for all ages and audience sizes as well as several different interactive devices including master classes, talkback sessions, panel discussions, and in-show lectures. Furthermore, our in-house marketing team is more than happy to create original images/video or whatever you need to help promote our participation in your event!

Entertainment Events

Fashion shows, film/video shoots, branding campaigns, conventions, and countless out-of-the-box projects have benefited from the charismatic, racially diverse Crash artistic team! Over the past several years, Crash has worked with Fortune 500’s, city cultural departments, nonprofits, and progressive individuals asking us to repurpose our own repertory, make up all new dance works, or freestyle movement right on the spot. Read on and see just how peculiar Crash’s take on ‘commercial gigs’ is and how it might be just what you need!

Outreach and Education

Grade schools, high schools, libraries, museums and all other institutions of learning can use a professional fusion dance company as their substitute teacher. CDC has a menu of activities in rotation all created in accordance with the Illinois Board of Education social and emotional learning standards (SEL), the CPS Arts Education plan, and the Fine Arts Standards Illinois State Goals. Crash speaks/performs for over 50 schools a year with student bodies of 50 to 5,000.